10 Best Title Changes In WWE SummerSlam History

Plenty of major moments are spread throughout WWE SummerSlam's history

9. Virgil def. Ted DiBiase for the Million Dollar Championship - SummerSlam 1991

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The “manager/bodyguard turning on their evil boss” trope is one of the most tried and tested in all of pro wrestling. 

Batista turning on Triple H, Wardlow turning on MJF, Damien Mizdow turning on The Miz.

In WWE’s Golden Age, the best example of this formula was when long-suffering manservant Virgil had finally had enough of Ted DiBiase.

After years of doing the rich man’s dirty work, Virgil stood up to the Million Dollar Man at the 1991 Royal Rumble. 

After failing to wrest the Million Dollar Championship from his former employer at WrestleMania, Virgil defeated Ted at SummerSlam to win the match.

Whilst the belt itself was unsanctioned in storyline and Virgil wrestled with the grace of a horse riding a unicycle, watching him finally get his revenge on the man who had made his life a living hell for so long was beautifully cathartic. 

By becoming champion, Virgil joined a legacy that would one day include LA Knight and Stone Cold Steve Austin. And that’s the only time you’ll ever hear those three names in the same sentence. 

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