10 Wrestling Road Stories That Defy Reality

They're equal parts comedic anecdote and eye-opening cautionary tale, and damn it, they're all so compelling...

9. Stark Raving Mad Dog

Maddog vachon

They just don't make him like Mad Dog Vachon anymore, and that might just be for the best. A notorious wildman with a gruff demeanour and killer's edge in front of audiences and TV cameras, the legendary Vachon could be just as irascible and unpredictable outside the ring. This proved to be the case during a flight with various AWA wrestlers, and it just so happened that Mad Dog, according to Greg Gagne, was filled with a weekend's supply of intoxicants, including beer, whiskey, wine, a quaalude, and had smoked a joint. That was before the fun started. 

You may be surprised to learn that Vachon soon came undone - in mid-flight. The fearsome brawler opened the rear door, causing panic from his fellow AWAers, and began hanging out of the frame while tens of thousands of feet off the ground. In his stupor, he also began throwing things out the door, and the pilot was forced to make an emergency landing. Upon arrival, a still-unsteady Vachon actually brawled with Gagne and Jim Brunzell out on the runway, and three were sent toppling over by the gust of a passing aeroplane.

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