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Mickie James: I Want To Wrestle In Japan

Much has been made of Mickie James’ arrival to the NWA, with the former WWE Women’s Champion executively producing the upcoming all-women’s Empowerrr event. James herself is not booked for the...


Miro In Attendance At WWE WrestleMania 37

WWE WrestleMania 37 was a rousing success this weekend. Even ignoring results, buy-rates etc. the mere fact it was the first WWE event with fans attending in over a year made this a success before a...


Miro: I Was Like A Circus Bear In WWE

Since leaving WWE in April 2020, Miro hasn’t looked back, and after somewhat of a stuttering start in AEW, now stands aloft as the TNT Champion. But the problem for Miro is he’s just too good at...